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Stop Slips with Handi-Treads®

Upgrade Your Deck or Porch

Non-Slip Stair Treads

Slips and falls are a serious threat to safety. Surfaces that we walk on everyday including steps, ramps and walkways, become hazardous when exposed to the elements, spilled liquids, and a variety of other circumstances that cause slippery conditions.

In an attempt to reduce the risk of a slip and fall injury, a variety of non-slip products have been designed to improve traction on hazardous surfaces. The difference between Handi-Treads and the majority of these products is that our non-slip solution is designed to be permanent, whereas the others need constant replacing.

Durable aluminum non-slip treads will outlast any grit tape or grit paint. Prevent slips on steps, landings, docks, and any other surface that poses a slip and fall hazard.

Multiple colors available. Including Yellow, Brown, Black and Plain Aluminum.

Non-slip stair treads are designed to make your home, business, or government building safer. Treads are perfect for high traffic paths where water, ice, or snow can create a danger of slipping. Use our non-slip stair treads on any surface including wood, concrete, masonry, or aluminum.

Lifetime Residential Warranty

Handi-Treads are built to last. We guarantee our durable non-slip Handi-Treads will not wear out when installed in any residential application. Our lifetime residential warranty is valid so long as you own the property. The warranty covers damage or abnormal wear to your tread; it does not cover misuse or the powder coated finish.

  • Residential - Lifetime Warranty Guarantee
  • Commercial - Begins the date you receive the treads and is valid for up to one year


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